Makeup / Permanent makeup

In the life of modern women, are happening pleasant moments when only mascara and lipstick are not enough. For such situations, we have a professional make-up artist who will make a perfect make-up according to your wishes. The price of make-up will depend on its complexity, time and technique. Prices are approximate.

Our services out of the salon +500 czk from the base price, services outside Prague 20 czk/km.




Daily make-up



Evening make-up



Bridal make-up (price will be based od difficulcy)



Test of bridal make-up



Make-Up and styling

Course "My ideal make-up"



Eyelash extentions


Eyelash extentions - material: sable

120 min


Correction eyelash 

45 min


Removal  eyelash 

20-30 min. 200-300,-

Permanent make-up


Eyebrows shading (of all kind of technique)

120 min 4000,-

Eyeliner (up)

110 min 3000,-

Eyeliner (down)

110 min from 1500,-

Lips and contours

120 min 3500,-

Lips - contours + shading

120 min 4000,-

Lips - complete

120 min 4000,-
Correction of permanent make-up:
1 correction during the first 2 months - 70% discount
from 2 months to 1 year from the date of the first procedure - 40% discount
After 1 year from the first procedure - the full current price

Eyelashes and eyebrows treatment



Shaping and correction of eyebrows

15 min


Coloring of eyebrows

15 min


Coloring of eyebrows with henna

30 min 250,-

Coloring of eyelashes

15 min



Relaxation massages
Lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite massage, hot stone massage, sport
New revolution salon treatment OLAPLEX!!!
Olaplex is current US innovation in the field of coloring and hair bleaching. Thanks revolutionary new treatments Olap
New Bio-perm permanent wave!
New Bio-perm permanent wave!