Wraps and peels

The wrap is an effective weapon against cellulite and overweight. In the UNO DUE salon, this procedure is carried out in three stages. We begin with scrub, which gently removes dead skin cells, preparing the skin for the next step - the wrap itself, and in the end an anti-cellulite massage that does not leave cellulite any chance.

Peeling in the salon is also done as a separate procedure.

 Type of wrap+ massage (part of the body)

 Length  Price

 Complete body

 120 min  1500,-


 40 min  450,-


 40 min  500,-

 Thighs and buttocks

 70 min  1000,-

 Type of wrap (component)

 Special effect of each kind except anti cellulite
Cinnamon cream Slims the silhouette, sculpts and models the waist, buttocks and thighs


Lifting, detoxification, accelerate metabolism


Nutrition, hydration, improving blood and lymph circulation, accelerating metabolism, increasing immunity


Rejuvenation, nutrition, lifting, acne reduction, toning up

 Blue/white dirt

Slowing skin aging, get rid of unnecessary water, accelerate metabolism, increase immunity

 Mud from dead sea

Stimulation of blood circulation, regulating wrinkles, skin mineral enrichment


 Length                            Price

 Peel of complete body

 30 min                        od  500,-


New Bio-perm permanent wave!
New Bio-perm permanent wave!
Hair removal
Hair removal and body depilation. Brazilian depilation.
Long term eyebrow fixation
Long term eyebrow fixation + eyebrow correction for 500,-CZK Long term eyebrow fixation + eyebrow correction + coloring for 700,-CZK Eyebrow correction + coloring for 400,-CZK