New modern ultrasonic cleaning of the skin in the salon UNO DUE

Ultrasonic cleaning of the skin is suitable for all, and if you have sensitive skin Ultrasonic cleaning of the skin is the best solution for you:

- Gently clean pores
- Removes dead skin cells
- Makes a gentle micro-massage the skin
- Improves the absorption of serums and creams                                             

Just price 700 Kč

To test how it works firsthand book date is now:  777 599 455 or use contact form

For those who have sensitive skin or сouperoseand needs deep cleansing (basic skin care), which is a combination of ultrasound and maniálního skin cleansing.

It's the best time for beauty treatments for 880,-CZK

Entrust worry about your skin in the hands of our beautician with medical education

  • complex deep cleansing
  • peels
  • mesopen
  • mesoroller therapy
  • masks with nutritional ampules
  • Each treatment is preceded by consultations with our beautician who absolutely free will tell you what condition your skin is and what it will come in handy for most.
  • Just price 880 Kč

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Experience professional care for your hair

We welcome you in the salon UNO DUE with experienced stylists at the hairdressers!
We have a team of hairdressers who will help you choose the style, hairstyle and coloring for your hair style.
We have experience on ombre, balayage and highlighting.
Haircut and blown set
Modern coloring, highlights
Just price from 400 Kč for short hair

For reservations call 777 599 455  or use contact form

News from Matrix Biolage - modern Intensive Care for your hair Kaaral X-Form!

If you have weak, brittle hair? Often dye or highlights your hair? Do you long for straight hair, and every day is calm such incidents?
If you at least once answered "yes", we have a solution for you - cautery - a treatment that consists of several steps, using intensive choir Biolage, regeneration mask X- Form and keratin irons - Steam Pod.
Duration: 60 min
Total price: 1150 CZK

For reservations call 777 599 455  or use contact form


Lymphatic drainage

Cellulite? Swelling in the legs?
The lymphatic drainage to forget for long.
In the salon you can try UNO DUE special lympodrenážní trousers, whose effect is based on creating pressure which improves lymphatic circulation especially in the lower extremities of your body. In addition aesthetic effect, lymphatic drainage also has a relaxing, relaxes muscles, removes puffiness and washes away toxins and harmful substances from the body.

SPECIAL OFFER: 10 sessions for only 999 CZK!

For reservations call 777 599 455  or use contact form