Throughout life, our skin changes significantly due to various influences - mechanical, chemical, natural, and do not forget to wrinkles, stress, hormonal changes - all negatively affect the condition and appearance of skin. To make the face look young, healthy and fresh, occasionally not curl home care but need help of professionals. Our beauty salon UNO DUE help you maintain the best possible appearance of your face, to solve specific dermatological problems by various methods, among other things offer cleansing, rejuvenating, micro massages, scrubs and masks.

Services outside the salon +500 CZK to the basic price, service outside Prague + 20 CZK / km


Basic skin care

skin care on the face without specific problems, includes make-up removal, peeling, steaming, cleaning (manual, ultrasonic or combined) massage and mask for the face

90 min                


Care for the sensitive skin (rosacea)

basic care (without peeling), and special cosmetics for rosacea

90 min


Care for the mature skin, anti-aging plus

basic treatment + cosmetics with collagen for the mature skin, increases its elasticity and smooths wrinkles

90 min


Express care

mask/peeling/gommage according to the needs of your skin

45 min 500,-

Nourishing ampoules (used as an additional care)



Micro-massage of the eye area

stimulates cellular activity, lifting of the eye area, improves blood circulation

15 min


Massage of the face and decollete - TOP! Make an appointment today!

improves blood circulation, ensures a lifting decollete, saturate the skin with oxygen, improves cell nutrition

40 min


Lymphatic drainage of the face

helps to prevent swelling and inflammation, relieves the unnecessary water and products of metabolism

40 min


Peeling of the face and decollete

it is used as additional care, removal, peeling dead skin cells, rejuvenating effect.



Face care with help of D'Arsonval

removes dermatological problems such as acne, pimples, wrinkles, hair loss, improves blood circulation and metabolism, nourishes the skin and deeper layers of skin, saturates the skin with oxygen.



Skin Care for Men

Special facial treatment for men, respecting the needs of men's skin and its features.

60 min


Skin care treatment for men SPA Gernetic: peeling, steaming, cleaning (manual, ultrasonic or combined) massage and mask for the face

90 min 880.-

Ultrasonic skin cleansing (manual): includes cleansing, peeling, ultrasonic cleaning, cold hydration, serum + mask, creme

suitable for all skin types, effectively cleanses the face, is painless and gentle, does'nt leave skin irritated and reddened

60 min


Lifting mask around the eyes

is used as additional care, nourishes and rejuvenates skin around the eyes



Special face mask

the mask is oriented on solving specific problems of your skin (soothing, moisturizing, anti age)

10-20 min


Chemical peeling (you can choose)

salicylic, lactic, almond, glycolic etc.

60 min


Manual chemical peeling

with using hyaluronic acid, rejuvenating, lifting effect.

25 min



it's alternative for mesotherapy, called dermalroller therapy. Which is provided with individual rollers, you buy it at the first visit for 800 CZK.

60 min 



it's fine mechanical abrasion of epidermis using special diamond bits

60 min 800,-

Microzone treatment

quick treatment, refreshing your skin and rapidly relieves you from fatigue and is brightening your face

20-30min  300,-


Eyelash Extensions - material: sable

120 min


Correction of eyelash (up to 2 weeks)

45 min


Eyelash removal 


Eyelashes and eyebrows treatment

Shaping and correction of eyebrows

15 min


Eyebrow coloring

15 min


Coloring of eyebrows with henna

30 min 250,-

Coloring of eyelashes

15 min 150,-


Hair removal
Hair removal and body depilation. Brazilian depilation.
New Bio-perm permanent wave!
New Bio-perm permanent wave!
Shellac and Reforma
New colors of shellac and REFORMA, matt look!