Massage is ideal for relaxing in modern times, deprives ordinary stress, has a soothing and regenerating effect, improves work ability and concentration. Additionally, massage has a healing effect especially in the back and joint pains. Massage is one of the most effective methods to combat cellulite, especially when combined with healthy eating and exercise. Massage which nourishes the skin, removes excess fluids and toxins from the body. Other properties of honey are relaxing and calming effect. Honey massage helps the body shaping is also a weapon in the fight against cellulite. Suitable for athletes, reduce muscle tension. Full body massage relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation and nutrition of cells, which contributes to their oxygenation. Massage has a favorable influential elasticity of muscles, general physical condition, but also a positive impact on the functioning of the central nervous system and mental state of a person acting sedative. In our beauty salon UNO DUE you find different kinds of massages, customized for each client.

Massage can also be performed with honey, removes excess fluids and toxins from the body + (50-100CZK). Ticket for 10x- 10% discount

Classical massage



 - complete body

75 min 800,-

 - complete body

90 min


 - back and neck

40 min


 - back, neck and arms 45 min


- buttocks, thighs, calves, feet

45 min


 - arms, shoulders

25 min


 - back, arms, shoulders, neck, head

60 min


Sports massage

Intensive massage for actively sporting people, it increases blood flow to muscles, prepares the body for exercises and recovery after it, gives strength and feeling of lightness and freshness, removes tiredness.


75 min



Relaxation massage


this kind of massage is focused on maximum body relaxation, relieves you of stress and gives you the feeling that you are born again.

60 min


Honey massage of problematic areas (including honey)

60 min 600,-

Reflexology Feet Massage


this massage is one of the most popular methods of acupressure. On the feet are situated nerve endings of all organs.

Massaging certain points on the legs we can achieve incredible results.

This massage helps to remove various pains in the back, joints, internal organs, etc.

25 min


Hot Stone Massage


Massage is done using black stones from volcanic lava, which give a lot of heat, and it has a positive effect on blood circulation, reduces muscle tension. It also has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, the gastrointestinal tract, muscles and skin, improving its elasticity and tone. And, of course, you will get an incredible relaxing effect.

90 min


Aromatherapy massage



Massage with essential oils, relieves muscle tension, improves blood and lymph circulation. Traditional oriental oil aromas deeply relax the whole body and normalize the flow of energy. Oils improve the elasticity of the skin, remove toxins from the body.

75 min 800,-

Anticelulitidní masáž


Special massage is used to solve one of the most common female problem - cellulite. The main goal of this procedure is to speed up the lymph flow and destroy the fat cells, which are covered with toxins. Eliminates the body from stagnation of water, salts and toxins, helps to improve the elasticity of the skin and get rid of the "orange peel."

60 min 800,-

One spa day (whole body massage, body wraps, peeling)

2,5 hod. 2990,-

Massage for pregnant women


The body of a pregnant woman requires special attention, massage becomes a necessity. Massage removes swelling of lymph and accumulation of water in the legs, increases muscle tone, elasticity of the skin, relaxes the back and removes tension in the shoulders. Improves mood, restores positive emotional state. Up to 4th month.

45 min  550,-

Indian head massage

This massage is suitable for people who have intellectual work and they like care about themselves. Indian massage relieves tension, fatigue and stress, increases employability. The massage is performed while sitting. There is no need to undress or to remove makeup. 30 min 300,-

Lymphatic massage


problems with the lymphatic drainage occur people, mostly having sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating. Such people often suffer from diseases such as cellulitis, inflammation of nasal cavities and unnecessary retention of water in the body. Lymphatic massage is used to eliminate congestion lymph, improving lymph flow, stimulates removal of toxins from the body and ensures optimal nutrition of the cells.

60 min  800,-

Lymphatic pants

Helps complete detoxification of the body, improves metabolism, improve physical condition up to 15%, it's also some kind of prevention against cancer. 30 min 200,-
Baby massage    
Baby massage helps not only to improve the health of the child, but also to harmonize physical development, helps to calm hyperactive children down. 25 min 200,-


Hair removal
Hair removal and body depilation. Brazilian depilation.
New Bio-perm permanent wave!
New Bio-perm permanent wave!
Shellac and Reforma
New colors of shellac and REFORMA, matt look!